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Entering the Anti-vax community

A memoir 

Interviews // Cultural Analysis // Qualitative research

My Role
Liaison to Anti-Vaxxers


Brian Siepka - Strategist

Chandler Saunders - Strategist

Hunter Mott  - Strategist

The Challenge
My team and I decided to do a cultural deep dive into the anti-vax community at the height of covid-19. Early on, we realized gathering primary research would be difficult due to the censorship this community has faced. 

The Results
I finally built trust with a community member and was invited to join the Crunchy Parents of Virginia Facebook group. I was able to interview ten anti-vaxxers and gain perspective on their beliefs. 
While we did compile primary research, we could only talk to a small subgroup of anti-vaxxers.  
Humans create their own tunnel vision. We wear our beliefs on the sleeve and promote them on our social. Our assumptions play a huge in our willingness to learn. Regardless, if vote red or bl
This project changed how I think and interact with others. I learned how to facilitate difficult conversations and be vulnerable enough to get others to open up.
Here's that story. 
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